Feeling down? Sometimes it may seem like a raincloud is over your head. If nothing seems to be going your way, you have trouble getting things done, or you generally are in a bad mood try these 6 tips feel better instantly.


Nowadays, it’s easy to get trapped indoors. Humans rely on sunlight not only for warmth, but as a means of getting Vitamin D, which improves overall health. Additionally, fresh air does wonders for your mental health. Go for a walk or a jog to get your blood pumping. Hit the pool to refresh your mind and body. Or, simply head down to the park and watch the world go by. Simply put, if you’re feeling down, spend some time outside. A little nature goes a long way.


Meditation is more than sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. You’re clearing your mind, removing negative thoughts and enjoying the moment as it is. Find some soothing music and locate an isolated room where you won’t be interrupted. Then, allot yourself some time to relax. It doesn’t have to be long – perhaps an hour, thirty minutes, or even ten minutes – whatever the case, use this time to clear your mind. Try it out! Your mood will thank you.


While it might look odd to the people around you, laughing out loud can profoundly affect your mood. Why? Your subconscious mind recognizes that you’re laughing and infers you’re having a good time. As a result, you’ll enjoy yourself, which will brighten your mood. If you’re having trouble finding a reason to laugh, consider watching a video on YouTube, tell a joke, or find a local comedy club. When you feel like laughing, laugh HARD until those blues fade away.


The qualities of tea make it a great way to brighten your mood instantly. Often the mere smell will profoundly affect on your mood, and the act of sitting down to sip your tea will further relax you. You can also add things to your tea like Kratom Leaves to give your tea a stimulating effect for an extra boost through the day.


Have you ever smiled when your favorite song came on? It’s no coincidence: listening to good music can actually make you feel better. If you’re having trouble brightening your mood, try to find a cheerful song. Chances are, just listening to it will have a profound effect on the way you’re feeling.


One of the better ways you can feel better about yourself is by doing something to make someone else feel good. Head out into the world and see if there’s anything you can do for someone – be it working for a charity, doing volunteer working at a local charity, donating food, or just helping an elderly person cross the street. Seeing that your actions are benefitting others will make you feel good, plus it will make whoever you’re helping feel good, too. Give it a shot!

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