CoreLife Eatery

American Fork

Among restaurants trying to be healthy, this stands near the top. While you can get regular plated meals, the staple of CoreLife is their three customizable bowl varieties. Pick a green bowl (salad), a grain bowl or a broth bowl to fit your tastes, and then let them craft a dish, or design your own.

The broth bowl was intriguing and delicious. Most restaurants will have some soups, but lack good broths, in our experience. CoreLife makes their own bone broths overnight from scratch, and they are rich, hearty and flavorful.

Probably the best items here are the salads, not just because of the ingredients, but because of the house-made dressings. Carrot chili, cucumber basil and miso sesame ginger were our favorites.

Must Try:

  • House salad dressings
  • Bone broth
  • House made drinks

197 NW State Street
American Fork, UT 84003


Roosters Brewing Company & Restaurant

Layton, Ogden

Roosters is a reliable restaurant for a number of familiar dishes, but also provides other exciting menu items and specials that vary every week.

The burgers are excellent, the Double Bypass Bacon Burger being a good choice for those wanting a hearty meal. The Black Bean Burger or Roosters Tacos are great for a lighter choice. Whatever specials they’re serving are generally a great choice as well. For dessert, you can’t beat their bread pudding. Lastly, they have homemade Orange Cream Soda or Roosters Root Beer.


Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread


This family-owned and operated bakery is a great place to stop by for some high-quality bread. The sandwiches from their cafe menu are excellent because their bread is superb. The Caprese sandwich is a must-try. Check their website, because each day they make different kinds of bread.

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