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A quick look at Utah companies that are leading the way in providing better nutrition and delicious food. We like supporting local businesses!

The Other Protein Bar Company

What: Ever get halfway through a protein bar and can’t finish it? You’re not alone! Protein bars are often dense and heavy. The Other Protein Bar Company makes bars with a marshmallow texture, with some great flavors.

Operates Out Of: Mapleton, Springville

Our Favorite: Greek Yogurt Covered Blueberry Lemon

Find Their Products: Online


Gluten-Free Heaven

What: Gluten-free baking mixes that taste good, like cookie mix, brownie mix, carrot cake mix, pancake mix ad more.

Operates Out Of: Pleasant Grove

Our Favorite: Banana Bread (Gluten Free)

Find Their Products: Online, Reams, Day’s, Fresh Market, Ridley’s, Macey’s


Grandma Della’s

What: Unique, ancient recipe, shockingly good relish and chili sauce. Did you know old-fashioned pickled vegetables in sweet mustard sauce was a favorite of Napoleon? We didn’t.

Operates Out Of: West Jordan

Our Favorite: Gourmet Mustard Relish

Find Their Products: Online, Select Retailers in Logan, Ogden, Sandy


Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener & Chocolate

What: Monk fruit comes from Asia, and what makes it special is that its sweetness comes from natural mogrosides, rather than the typical fructose. Lakanto says monk fruit extract doesn’t elevate blood sugar or insulin. It makes for some excellent chocolate.

Our Favorite: Chocolate Bar With Cacao Nibs

Operates Out Of: Lindon

Find Their Products: Albertsons, Online


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Grandpa’s Kitchen

What: Gluten-free, lactose-free and casein-free baking mixes and flour blends that taste good.

Operates Out Of: Pleasant Grove

Our Favorite Product: Gluten-free baking flour blend

Find Their Products In: Ridley’s, Harmon’s


Redmond Real Salt

What: High quality salt without any anti-caking or extra ingredients. This salt, which comes from underground salt deposits in central Utah, is unrefined and full of minerals and flavor.

Operates Out Of: Redmond

Our Favorite Product: Coarse Salt

Find Their Products: Whole Foods, Harmon’s, Sprouts, Online


Vivian’s Live Again

What: Gluten-free, lactose-free mixes. From creamy alfredo to flour, Vivian makes delicious gluten-free, dairy-free mixes for easy use.

Operates Out Of: Logan

Our Favorite Product: 9 Grain Gluten Free Flour Mix

Find Their Products: Online


Tree Street Grains

What: Multigrain pancake mix and flour, stone ground, created by a retired professor of agricultural economics.

Operates Out Of: Provo

Our Favorite Product: 16 Grain Pancake Mix

Find Their Products: Online,


The Cacao Bean Project

What: Crafted chocolate with a high percentage of cacao.

Operates Out Of: Sandy

Our Favorite Product: Madagascar 74

Find Their Products: They sell their products at local farmers markets in Provo, Orem and Murray. They also ship to Utah addresses if you email them.


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