Month For Love


  • Find a new park and have a picnic.
  • Breakfast for dinner.
  • Do service of some kind together. Help at a library, homeless shelter or refugee center.
  • Go shopping for supplies for a refugee center, and go drop the supplies off.
  • Go on a bike ride.
  • Find a dish from your childhood and learn how to make it.
  • Play tennis. Tennis double dates are fun as well.
  • Learn about photography together, and go take some photos. Rent or borrow a nice camera to make it more fun.
  • Do a workout together, or go running.
  • Write a blog together.
  • Learn Photoshop together.
  • Create a blueprint of your dream house.
  • Listen to an audiobook by a fire.
  • Throw paper airplanes off a tall building.
  • Write funny poems to eachother.
  • Learn a new couple’s dance from YouTube.
  • Have an American Ninja warrior contest on a playground.
  • Learn some basic origami together.
  • Do a puzzle.
  • Throw a Frisbee.
  • Learn shadow puppetry.
  • Print coloring pictures off line and color them.
  • Go to a furniture store and guess what the other would like. Ikea and RC Willey are great options.
  • Write and illustrate a story together.
  • Cook something in a Dutch oven.
  • Make fondue as a double date.
  • Make an exotic meal.
  • Get a bunch of different kinds of chocolates and do chocolate tasting.
  • Go to a craft store and buy stuff to etch your own stamp.
  • Create mocktails together.
  • Buy a couple cheap canvases and watch/learn/paint from a Bob Ross video.
  • Find something fun for under $5 on KSL and go buy it.
  • Take a bunch of photos (nature, funny, etc.) and print them out at Walgreens with the Printicular app.
  • Build something out of wood together.

Around Salt Lake County

  • Read books together at the Salt Lake City Public Library.
  • Drive up Little Cottonwood Canyon.
  • Go cheese tasting at Heber Valley Artisan Cheese in Heber.
  • Try Nickel Mania.
  • See something at the University of Utah’s Libby Gardner Concert Hall.
  • Explore the Gilgal Sculpture Garden (749 E 500 S, Salt Lake City).
  • Picnic at Fernwood Park.
  • Visit the International Peace Gardens.
  • Serve at the Salt Lake Rescue Mission.
  • Stay in the Inn On the Hill Bed and Breakfast.

Utah County

  • See a concert at UVU’s Ragan theater (
  • Go to a student recital at the Madsen Recital Hall in Brigham Young University’s Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC).
  • Visit Pioneer Book on Center St. in Provo.
  • Visit the BYU Museum of Art (MOA).
  • Go to a UVU or BYU sporting event.
  • Drive the Alpine Loop.
  • Go to Comedy Sports in Provo.
  • Go to a show at the Scera theater.
  • Nickelcade.
  • Stay in the Hines Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Provo.

Credit: Thanks to Sarah Clifford

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