Nothing fits, your body feels odd and wobbly, and there’s oozing; how could this be a recipe for beauty?

When a new baby arrives, a woman has a host of other things on her mind besides looking great (like how to keep this baby alive and healthy, for example). But mothers who give up on appearance entirely find this leads to some unhealthy mental consequences. So how is beauty possible? No doubt pregnancy and birth change a woman, but attractiveness, true attractiveness, is not out of reach. Here’s a cheat sheet to achieving an appearance that you’re proud of after having a baby.

  1. Book a massage.

Having a massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress and put a smile on your face. Smiling is attractive. Plus, I’m pretty sure that you are sore all over from hours of carrying your baby and taking care of the house, and a massage can help ease the pain. Ask your partner or close friend to take care of the baby for an hour or two so that you can have your well-deserved massage.

  1. Head to the salon.

When you become a mother, your priorities change. It’s a baby-centered world now, and women tend to forget their own needs. Taking a proper shower almost seems like a luxurious activity. Despite how busy you are in taking care of your little one, make it a habit to look presentable. Go to a beauty salon and manage to get even just a haircut or a pedicure. You’ll much be a happier mom when you like what you see in the mirror.

  1. Find your sexy clothing.

Being in pajamas and loose underwear all day may sound comfortable, but it’s nice to wear something sexy from time to time. You may need some new wardrobe additions to have clothes that fit your body. We like ( for stylish, beautiful clothes that make a mom look attractive. Find a bra that fits well. For those feeling more adventurous, check out for some nice lingerie that you can slip on. Wearing something sexy can give a different feeling of empowerment and confidence. Plus, your partner will love it.

  1. Strengthen Your Core.

Find some safe, low-impact workouts that strengthen your core. Fitness can make the challenges of motherhood easier. And of course, there is already a lot of lifting and exhaustion happening already, but fitting in a 30-minute workout every day can get you on the road to a more attractive appearance.

  1. Eat healthy.

Having a nutritious and balanced diet is very important for moms that just had their baby. You will need to fill your body up with necessary energy to meet the demands of taking care of your little one. Load up on fruits and vegetables, and stay away from junk foods and empty calories. It may seem convenient to grab a bag of potato chips when your hunger strikes, but it won’t do any good for your body.

New moms who are discouraged by their look often develop a new perspective on beauty. Curves, strength, and vitality become more attractive than skinniness, waistlines and bare skin. Make sure you’re trying to look beautiful, but be wary of comparison. You can be beautiful even if you aren’t strolling the catwalk.

When you are looking for something to wear after giving birth, try following these simple tips to keep you looking beautiful:

  1. Keep clothing monochromatic (top and bottom the same color).

This can camouflage unsightly curves that take a while to go away. Dresses can be very flattering for new moms; you just need the right one.

  1. Dark colors.

Yes, baby spit up is white, so why wear dark colors? Dark colors tend to be more slender-looking, and stains don’t show up as much.

3. Patterns. 

Patterns can look great because they distract the eye from any curves you don’t want on display. Furthermore, babies like to look at patterns.

  1. Don’t be scared of elastic or stretchy clothing.

Being comfortable makes motherhood easier, no doubt. Pro-tip: try sleeping in your husband’s clothes.

  1. Don’t think you constantly have to wear nursing shirts.

There are lots of tops that can be lifted or moved for nursing. It might take some experimenting, but find clothing that is both functional and stylish for you.

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