Whether you call yourself an athlete, or just participate in athletics, our diets are extremely important in performance, recovery, physical development and in the physical, psychological, technical, and tactical facets of your sport.

  • I am going to undertake a challenge and I issue the same challenge to all players in Utah! THE NO-SUGAR CHALLENGE
  • Starting October 1st through October 30th (one day before Halloween) I challenge all players & coaches to absolutely quit processed sugar for 30 days. (this includes diet/artificial sweeteners)

This will have the effect of resetting our tastebuds and getting us over the craving for sugar. Not to mention better health. Parents can participate with their kids.
When Halloween comes around, you decide whether you’re going to get back on sugar, or stay off. I’m hopeful it will be a life changing event!

Players: If you’ve honestly completed all 30 days you will log them on a calendar, at the end of the month, take a picture of you with your calendar with a note I AM SUGAR FREE and send it in to design@stardocs.com to be entered into a drawing for some great gifts.     Make sure to put your name and I am sugar free in the subject line.


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