Written by Lauren Turville

Sometimes we feel strained to the snapping point. Don’t worry; it’s normal. Here are some common scenarios we encounter and tips on how to manage your emotions when you feel them getting out of control.

Why You Break

Graduation Stress

One common breaking point is graduating from college. Although a very happy and exciting time, the lack of knowing what comes next can be a real burden on the mind. Whether it be finding a new job, moving to a new state, applying for graduate school or getting married, the list of stressors goes on and on.

Marriage Is Hard

In the United States, 40-50 percent of marriages end in divorce. This is a shocking statistic that makes people hesitate when considering the plunge, and it is evidence of just how hard marriage can be. In marriage, there can be times of hardship, but there are ways to handle the moments when you can’t take it anymore.

Parenting Is Insane

Having your own children is one of the most fulfilling and wonderful things in life, but sometimes the screaming, crying and tantrums are not all that glamorous. If anxiety over parenting is built up without proper outlets, parenting can become a major breaking point.

Career Troubles

At first, you may feel passionate and excited about your career, but as time goes on, it’s hard not to feel the effects of working so hard, possibly disliking your job or experiencing too much pressure. Because having a job is inevitable for most of us, a snapping point is bound to happen.

Mend the Snap

Breathe Deep

When you sense that your stress and anxiety levels are getting too high, take a little break from the situation, preferably in nature. Focus on taking deep breaths and calm yourself down before tackling problems.

Identify What can be Controlled and Let Go of the Rest

If you can’t fix it, let it go! There is no use dwelling on something you can’t control. When you do, the controllable parts of your life suffer as well, and the downward spiral begins.


Make a list of the things that are most important for you to get done or work on. Things may seem like a bigger deal than they are and putting them in order can help your mind get organized. Plus, your “to do” list seem more doable.

Get Real

When it feels like your world is imploding, take a step back and see reality. It probably isn’t as dark as the view from inside your crisis.

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Lauren Turville

Lauren is a student at Brigham Young University and is so excited to graduate in April with a degree in public health. She has a passion for health and plans to participate in as much humanitarian work as possible. She loves anything outdoors and active and her passions include playing soccer, riding horses, camping, reading and playing the piano.

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