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Thank goodness it’s Friday! For most of us, the weekend is a much-anticipated break that entices us with hopes of relaxation and adventure. The state of Utah itself is home to the “Mighty Five” national parks, 12 national forests, and 40 state parks, making it no stranger to adventure. With so many different options, here are four unique Utah destinations for your next weekend getaway.


Flaming Gorge: Perhaps given its name from its brilliant red rock cliffs, this recreational park holds over a million acres of outdoor adventure along the Wyoming border. With this park consisting of the gorge, Utah’s highest mountain peak and several lakes, the list of things to do seems almost endless. Take it easy with some horseback riding, fishing and some of Utah’s most scenic drives. Or, step it up a notch with some hiking or mountain biking.

Try this: Hike Jones Hole Trail, which is in a remote part of Dinosaur National Monument.


Goblin Valley State Park: Located west of Moab, this park sounds scarier than it is. Formed by years of erosion, this state park is covered with sandstone formations that appear to look like goblins, creating a playground that looks oddly like a Martian terrain. Fun for families and people of all ages, Goblin Valley provides camping, mountain biking, hiking and night activities.

Try this: Chamber of the Basilisk, which is a technical canyoneering route.


Spring City: If camping and hiking isn’t your idea of a weekend getaway, try this small town on for size. Only an hour south of Provo, Spring City offers both history and leisure. Settled in the mid-1800s, this small town isn’t much bigger than when it was founded. Spring City offers a variety of local shops, restaurants and art galleries; it’s also home to fun festivals, like their Scandinavian Festival, among many other summer events. ATV trails, rock climbing and hiking are also available for those who want to visit the outskirts of town.

Try this: Aug. 5-6: Spring City Bluegrass Festival (springcitybluegrassfestival.com)


Mystic Hot Springs: When looking for hot springs in Utah, most people think of the Midway crater. But instead of soaking in caves, why not try something a little more familiar: bathtubs. Created to flow with a natural hot springs source near Monroe, a series of eight bathtubs and two pools provide maximum relaxation in waters up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Soothe aching muscles and say goodbye to weekly stress with massages as you soak under the stars.

Try this: July 23-26: Mystic Hot Springs Music Festival

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