Cooking and Kitchen Product Reviews

For the house:

maxresdefaultT-fal Clipso Pressure Cooker

We like this product for a variety of reasons. It’s easy to use, it’s durable and it works well. Others users seem to agree: it has an excellent rating on Amazon. If you’re cooking big meals often, this makes both preparation and cleanup easier.

Amazon: $99.99
cookinanewcuisinefrCOOKINA Cuisine Reusable Baking Sheet

Baking can be a hassle because of the cleaning involved afterward. Food crusted onto pans and ovens can be a detriment to us ever cooking in the first place. These baking sheets are meant to take the mess out of baking, as a reusable alternative to aluminum foil and wax paper. The surface is non-stick, meaning it’s easy to clean after use. $9.99

For a snack:

Sea_Salt_Front_BienaBiena Chickpea Snacks

An award-winning new snack option that is opening up new avenues for healthy packaged food, Biena Chickpea snacks have good amounts of protein and fiber with a crunch that you want in a snack. And they have much less fat than peanuts. $17

Made from heirloom corn, which is a very small kernel, this snack offers a healthy twist on popcorn. $36 for a six-pack
FiggyPop_16ozFiggyPops, Made In Nature

Figs, tart cherries, walnuts and cacao, all covered in coconut. Need we say more? $11
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