Life is unstable—it throws constant curveballs, it brings surprises and changes daily, and at one point or another it hits everyone with its startling timing. That’s why in this day and age, as in any other, it’s essential to get prepared. From devastating natural disasters to unexpected unemployment, it seems no one is safe from some sort of adversity. One of the greatest ways to get prepared for the unforeseen is with food storage. Yes, food storage! I know what you’re thinking—we live in a world filled with endless Chipotle burritos and Chick-Fil-A fries…why would we ever need food-storage?

A host of possible scenarios could flip that question on its head, to “why don’t I have food storage?” Whether it’s a flooded road, earthquake-stricken town or tornadoed market, various catastrophes make the normally simple task of getting food a supremely difficult challenge, unless you have food stored. The question comes down to this: would you be prepared to provide?

The good news is that these days food storage is easier than ever before. We are talking delicious meals, and simple preparation. Getting prepared has entered a new age; no longer are we dealing with your mama’s food storage—this is food storage of a modern age.


People often say the hardest part about food storage is simply knowing where to begin. Equipping yourself with years of food can seem like a daunting task, but it really is easy. Start by purchasing a few extra items when you shop at the grocery store. Eventually you want enough food to last three-months.


Rotating this stored food is essential so that it stays fresh. And this doesn’t mean you keep buying food to throw in a dumpster a year down the road. Really, the best part about this is you have extra. Have you ever searched for an ingredient in your kitchen you thought you had but really didn’t? Well now you can just grab what you need from your food storage and then purchase more to replace what was used. Many find that food storage ends up saving them money, because there is always food to eat at the house, and it’s often food that was bought at discounted bulk prices. There aren’t as many excuses for eating out, or stopping at expensive corner markets. And with no more awkward visits to your neighbor for sugar, your food supply might just become your very best friend.


Your three month supply of food is a great place to start, but getting really prepared means having a supply that is long-term. This is food that can last 25 plus years, and can save your family in severe times of need. For food to survive this length of time it needs to be freeze dried, or dehydrated to preserve its quality and nutrients. In the past, people had to freeze dry their own food, but welcome to the 21st century—there are companies that will do it for you, and will send pre-packaged food ready to store for your reserve. Having a long-term supply of food used to take days of preparation, and now it takes a phone call.


The times you will have to rely on food storage are most likely going to be hard times. Forget about five course meals, and just stick to simplicity. The most important things to buy are the staple foods which include: wheat, rice, corn, sugar, beans, oats, pasta, powdered milk, and dried fruits and veggies. Another major item—water! Have the essentials ready for action, but don’t get too stressed or crazy with other details. Packaging containers such as foil pouches and PETE bottles will help keep these foods from air, rodents, or other forms of damage.


Food storage is like any other thing on our to-do lists. We say we will have the cookie now, and lose weight later. We will keep the horrible job now, and go back to school later. Well today is later! Tomorrow is the unknown, therefore today is the day to get prepared. Don’t procrastinate building your food storage, because whether you need it tomorrow or three years from now, you’ll be grateful it’s there.

Some Reviews


“I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical when I received a box from Daily Bread filled with small packages of meals. I never imagined eating eggs and bacon or drinking chocolate milk from a pouch. However, I went for it! Why not right? Because if I really needed food storage at some point in my life this is the way I would survive. My first meal I cooked was an Asian dish with rice and chicken. The process was super easy. Simply boil water, put it in the pouch, and let it sit for about 10 minutes. I fed it to my roommate without telling her it was food storage. The meal was actually so delicious, and my roommate was so impressed with my cooking so it was a double whammy. After getting over my initial hesitation, eating the food storage meals was easy. From beef stroganoff to dried fruit, I really enjoyed what Daily Bread brought to the table. All in all, a great place to start if looking to begin preparing your long-term food storage.”


“Emergency Essentials stands as one of the oldest food storage and emergency preparedness companies. Since its start in 1987, it has become highly respected for its positive business atmosphere, delicious food and collection of emergency supplies. If you are looking for a food storage company that will also give you containers, tools, water filtration systems, radios, and heat sources, start with Emergency Essentials. Intrigued with this company? Stop by one of their retail stores in Utah and see the different products for yourself. Most food-storage companies supply similar products.”

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